My Book(s)

Jeff Goins said if you write, you’re a writer. The hardest thing for a non-published author is to consider himself/herself an author. However I agree with Jeff. If you write, you ARE a writer. I am a writer.


Faith Debugged

20130325-210950.jpgThrough my book Faith Debugged, I take the reader on an adventure. An adventure you never thought you would take. It takes us through the crawlspace and we find God there. It takes you to the kitchen to find God in the cabinets. It takes you through the business of pest control and enlightens you on the inner workings of pest management. I’ll search for roaches, ants, mice, silverfish, termites and more with you. All this is done though the lens of Christ. Allow me to take you on a journey through the world of pest control and demonstrate how faith can be debugged!

You can pick up a paperback or eBook copy at Amazon.



Works In Progress


Lessons From Levi

Lessons From Levi

Lessons From Levi is a book that is a compilation of 15 blogs I wrote about how Levi is teaching me about God as a new parent. I’ve been a Christian for 15 years yet there is so much more to learn about God and learning from a father’s standpoint is a whole new level I have never seen, a whole other side of God I have never experienced. Each blog post is expounded into a larger devotion. I’m excited to be getting this book out soon.



Faith Deblistered – Faith Deblistered is a follow up from my book Faith Debugged. The theme of this book is learning spiritual insights from a hiker. Hiking closely parallels to my walk with Christ?


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